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DfwRR.com - DFW Residential Real Estate Investing Free resources/information & networking, for Dallas/Fort Worth area investors

Welcome to DFW Residential Real Estate Investing! (DfwRR.com)

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Regarding the Facebook group (see the link above!)…
1) The purpose of this group is to share residential & commercial investing information. Investors, realtors, contractors & other vendors/folks are welcome!!!

2) We are targeting the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, but any Texas-related investment posts are allowed

3) The goal of the group is to remain 100% free. And we’re launching a free website to go with it, which will have resources/links for investors to use - something new I'm excited about - see DfwRR.com ... and we may even have in-person DFW meetups too if time allows!

4) We’re starting fresh/new, in March 2020!

Recommended Vendors
Property Management
- Kyle McCaw - McCaw Property Management - 817-491-2553
- Eric Luneborg - Cal Ventures -  214-335-1889

Mortgage Servicing
- Amy Sayre w/ August REI - (972) 767-9219

- James Jenkins Insurance - 469-678-8001

- Rod Hanks -  214-275-8372

Lending - Conventional Loans
- Richard Woodward w/ Service First Mortgage - 214-945-1066

Lending - Hard Money Loans
- Conrad Realty / Conrad Lending - 214-912-5539
- Easy Street Capital - 512-553-6427
- DFW-Hardmoney.com - 682-564-2095

Lending - Commercial Loans (Even For Single Family Homes!)
- Texas Republic Bank - 972-334-0700
- Interbank (Waxahachie) - 972-935-5202
- Simmons/Southwest Bank - 972-243-7900
- Alliance Bank - 972-771-7072

- Home Bank - 972-772-6888

- First Bank - 940-687-2265

Miscellaneous Trades/Services
- Welding (A/C Cages, Etc) - Rodney Bradford - 214-289-8722
- Air Conditioning - Willard Hancock - 214-662-3471
- Dumpster Rentals - Lynn Boyer - 682-564-2095
- OTHER Trade Referrals Available Upon Request!